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Commons 4 Kids FAQ

Q: Where do I send my commons?

A: Fill out the submission form and send your commons to:
Attn: Commons 4 Kids
105 Depot St.
Hartwell, GA  30643

Q: How will the Vinyls be delivered?

A: We have arranged to hand deliver all packages of Vinylmation directly to the Give Kids the World Village who will handle the distribution of the packages to the children and families.

Q: How are you packaging the Vinyls?

A: We are repackaging the Vinyls in high quality cellophane, color coded to distinguish packages better suited for a boy or a girl.

Q: How many Vinyls are you trying to raise?

A: There are approximately 150 families that visit Give Kids the World Village each week. Our goal is to give Give Kids the World Village two weeks worth of packages so each family that is visiting will be given a package of Vinylmations.  Any extra packages will also be given to Give Kids the World Village for additional families.

Q: How did you choose the Children’s Hospital of Oakland?

A: Over the past two years Commons 4 Kids had donated common Vinylmations to two different Childrens Hospitals on the West Coast.  This year we wanted donate the Vinylmations that we raise to a facility near Walt Disney World.  After taking to a few friends we contacted Give Kids the World Village and they have agreed to accept the sanitized and repackaged Vinylmations.  

Q; How do I know that my commons have been received?

A: Once we have received your package we will be updating our donation page to reflect your name as well as the number of Vinyls donated. If you do not wish to have your name shown on the page please say so in your submission.

Q: Why commons and not other Vinylmation?

A: Every collector has tons of commons sitting around that they cannot trade. While these commons might not be valuable to the collector, they will undoubtedly be adored by the child who receives one of these packages. We hope that this makes it easy for everyone in the community to donate!

Q: Can we donate any Pop! Vinyls?  

Yes, we just ask that you remember that these are sometimes young children, so we ask that your donation is geared toward those ages.  Usually Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and any other kid friendly franchises would be acceptable.